Built in support for:

  1. Scottrade

  2. Wells Fargo Advisors (Wells Trade)

  3. Etrade

  4. TD Ameritrade

  5. Fidelity

  6. T. Rowe Price

  7. Schwab

  8. Vanguard

  9. Merrill Edge

  10. USAA

Additional support for:

If your brokerage firm is not listed above, you may still make a donation to a supported organization by selecting “*Other Brokerage” during the donation process.  You may need to follow the instructions required by your own brokerage firm as well if “*Other Brokerage” is selected.

You may contact us if you need any help with the process.

No support for:

Due to policies of the following firms, we do not support transfers from:

  1. Computer Share
  2. Robinhood Financial